Dé nieuwe manier van reizen


The new way to travel

Discover glimble. Finally an app that lets you plan, book and pay for your journey. No matter whether you use public transport, a share bike or another way to get from A to B. Available on iOS and Android.


How does the glimble app work?

Carefree travel with glimble

Decide how to travel with glimble

Decide how you want to travel

Plan your journey and let glimble provide helpful personalised travel advice. Combine public transport with a share bike. With glimble it’s easy!

Everything in one app with glimble

Arrange everything in one app

Finally an app for all your journeys. Plan, book and pay for your journey easily with glimble. An app that helps you travel smarter, with more freedom and simpler payment.

Travel assitant glimble

A travel assistant in your pocket

If you want a reminder before departure, simply activate your glimble notifications! If your journey will be delayed or if work is being carried out, the travel assistant will let you know and save you from frustration.

Finally an app for all your journeys

Example of glimble app

Plan, book and pay for your journey easily with glimble. Travel from Groningen to Maastricht or from Amsterdam to Nijmegen. With glimble it couldn’t be simpler. Downloading the app is free. You pay quickly and easily only for the journeys you make. Just specify your preferences in the app. It’s very straightforward! If want to travel but don’t have a car, glimble may suggest a combination of bike share and public transport.

Your ways to get from door to door

Travel options in glimble

Discover your travel options

Glimble offers easy door-to-door travel options. Choose car share and cycle part of the way on your own bike. Or if you prefer to travel by train, book a share bike for the last part of your journey. Many transport operators have already teamed up with glimble in the Netherlands. Soon you will be able to travel in Germany and Belgium as well.

Travel options

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