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Most applications (apps) use techniques that increase the ease of use and make it possible to collect certain information about the (device of the) users of the app. The best known examples of these techniques are cookies, scripts and software with similar functionalities. The glimble app does not use cookies. When offering its glimble services, the glimble app does use software with comparable functionalities and comparable techniques (so-called cookie-like software).

The use of cookie-like software is important when using the glimble app. Therefore, we want to inform you as well as possible about the cookie-like software used in the glimble app.

What is cookie-like software?

Cookie-like software is software that is stored on your tablet or mobile phone and read when you use the glimble app. Cookie-like software is software that improves the user experience by storing certain data about you and/or your device. This ensures, for example, that our app works properly and that you receive information which is personally relevant to you.

The cookie-like software used by the glimble app can be divided into two categories, as described in more detail below. In the section 'Overview cookie-like software', we have described which cookie-like software is used in the glimble app and for which purpose we use this cookie-like software. You will also find information here about which personal data is or may be processed by the cookie-like software and about the storage period for the data we collect.

At the end of this cookie policy you can read how you can adjust your preferences with regard to the cookie-like software and how you can remove the cookie-like software.

Personal data

In some cases, our cookie-like software processes personal data. In that case we are also obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and Arriva Personenvervoer Nederland B.V. (Arriva) is the data controller for the processing of personal data by the cookie-like software it installs.  In the section 'Overview of cookie-like software' we have described which types of cookie-like software process your personal data and which personal data are then processed.

When our cookie-like software processes your personal data, this cookie policy is an addition to our privacy statement. For example, when processing personal data within the framework of the glimble app, this cookie policy should be read in conjunction with our privacy statement. Our privacy statement can be consulted via

Where processing of your personal data by our cookie-like software is based on your consent, you can withdraw the consent given at any time via the "Privacy Preferences" tab in the glimble app.

Type cookie-like software

The cookie-like software used by the glimble app is of the following type:


Tracking/marketing cookie-like software enables us to show you personal offers and information. As indicated below, this type of cookie-like software enables us to obtain personal data from you, and we therefore ask your permission to install this cookie-like software. Without your permission, this cookie-like software will not be placed.

Overview cookie-like software


The glimble app places - with your consent - the following cookie-like software for tracking/marketing purposes:

NameWho installs the softwareTypeTargetRetention periodPersonal data
AppsFlyerAppsflyer1st partyBy installing this cookie-like software, we can measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. This data will be kept for a maximum of 2 years after it was created.

Yes, the following personal data are processed:

- Unique identifier per device;

- Source of origin (incl. campaign);

- Use behaviour;

- Buying behaviour; and

- Search behaviour.

Cooperation with some other parties

  • Braze: In or from the glimble app, notifications can be sent/displayed, such as an in-app message to let you know that a new shared bike provider has been added. The glimble app uses Braze to show the right message to the right user or his/her device. To do this, Braze uses information such as a push token, device details and usage data. Read more about the privacy policy of Braze.
  • Apple iTunes Connect and the Google Play Store: In order to offer, update and install the glimble app, we use these two tools.

Adjusting cookie-like software preferences

You can withdraw your given consent by changing your privacy settings in the glimble app. You can withdraw the given consent at any time via the "Privacy preferences" tab in the glimble app.

Please note that certain parts of the glimble app may not function properly if you block certain cookie-like software.