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Travel by bus with glimble

Buy your bus ticket online

Use the glimble app to travel by bus throughout the Netherlands. Easily buy your bus ticket online via glimble. Available in 40 languages.


Travel by bus with glimble

Buy your bus ticket online

Travel by bus in the Netherlands without OV-chipkaart. The glimble travel app makes it easy to buy bus tickets online. You can find your tickets under 'my rides' in the app. Show your ticket at the bus driver, or scan the QR code (show it to the driver).

Helpful travel assistant

The travel assistant navigates you from door to door during your bus trip. Have you reached your stop? Then you will receive a notification. The travel assistant also assists you when transferring to other public or shared transport.

Discover glimble

Plan your bus trip with the free glimble travel app and buy your tickets directly. The app is available for bus and other public transport in 40 languages. Travel with 10% off-peak hour discount with Arriva and NS until the end of 2022.

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