How do GVB bus tickets work?

How does the ticket work?
You will find your ticket in the ‘My rides’ section of the app. When boarding, scan the QR code on your ticket. You do not need to check out when you get off. 

How long is the ticket valid?
Your ticket with valid QR code will become available in the app 15 minutes before departure. Make sure you have an internet connection at that time and refresh your screen manually if you have it open. This way you can be sure your ticket is active. Before those 15 minutes, your ticket is not yet valid and you cannot use it. The ticket remains valid for 1 hour. If your trip will take more than 1 hour, there will be 2 tickets in the app. 

Can I travel the same route on another service operated by the same company?
Yes, you can do this on GVB bus, tram and metro services. Your ticket becomes valid in the app 15 minutes before the bus, tram of metro you booked is due to depart and remains valid for 30 minutes after the bus, tram of metro you booked is due to arrive. So if you arrive early, you can catch an earlier bus, tram or metro. And if you just miss the one you booked or if it is cancelled, you can travel on the next one. Please note! You must complete your ride within the period of time mentioned above.